• Vedic Vastu
  • What is Vedic Vastu ?
    Vedic Astrology is also called Jyotish, which translates into the "Science of Light." The term Vedic means from the Vedas. The Vedas are the books that contained the Spiritual hymns and the storehouse of knowledge that arose from the ancient culture that was located in the area of what is now called India. The culture at that time was called "Bharat," The great and famous story "Mahabharata" means "Great Bharat." The Bhagavad Gita is from the MahaBharata. The term "Veda" means "knowledge." Actually it refers to the knowledge of truth, absolute truth, the truth of the Self and the underlying mysteries of existence.   

    The Vedas were written as the ancient Sat Yuga or "Age of Wisdom" was coming to a close. These documents were meant to preserve the wisdom of this earlier enlightened epoch in human history. Many cultures seemed to possess similar occult knowledge, the Toltecs and Egyptians and Native Americans, yet it was the ancients of this area who best preserved this wisdom. It is estimated that the Vedas are more than 5,000 years old, based on Astronomical references in them. The miracle in the Vedic system is how well preserved and coherent the Sciences are, especially given the history of India and its numerous invasions.
    Vedic Astrology is the master Science from this more enlightened era.  It is the Science of our karma, the Science of Spirit, called Purusha, and its affect on matter. Thus way of perceiving the world is much different than our current Materialist World view. 

    The Vedic seeker has a few charts to consider:

    Prasna which is that chart of a question or situation is drawn up to address just that question. Often in India the birth time might not be known. But a chart can be drawn up at the time the question is asked to answer the question. 

    Muhurta deals with finding the best time to do something…Start a business or an important journey, sell or buy a house, sign a partnership agreement, ask for a raise get married. Buy a car. Muhurta addresses doing right activity at the right time to maximize success. 

    Compatibility: This compares the charts of two people and can tell the chances for a successful union. 

    Natal: This is a reading of the birth chart outlining life purpose and karmas and the major periods potentials and remedies. 

    Varshaphal or Yearly chart: This is a more indepth chart of the current year. Can be done at the solar and lunar return, around your birthday, or just based on what is going on in your chart for the year. It looks and that major and minor time periods dashas and Bhukti’s and the transits and yogas affecting the chart.