Advanced Panchtattva Vastu™ Course,


The Advanced PanchtattvaVastu course delves into your deeper self to help you work with 45+10 Devtas and perceive information about buildings, which may be a thousand miles away. Specially designed for Advanced level Vastu Professionals, the course equips you with Tools and Techniques of PanchtattvaVastu. In this course, you will also learn how to work with the Five Layers of Existence (Panchkosha) and Advanced Vastu programming techniques to achieve exponential growth in all domains of life for your own self and also your clients.

  • How to work with Earth Energy Fields and the fields developing inside a building (also known as devtas in VastuPurush Mandala) to remove inactivity and reap more benefits To perform Doordarshan Siddhi to know the building plan, colors and directions of buildings which are miles away.
  • How to master your own life and achieve your goals and desires in life?
  • Practical training with traditionally used tools for correcting and working with energy fields
  • A session on understanding Astrology to aid in suggesting effective gemstones both for clients as well as installing them in buildings to create power energy fields for quick, permanent and lasting results
  • Ways of using Gem Stones with Earth Acupuncture techniques for correcting imbalanced Energy Fields
  • Use of Tantra Philosophy in Vastu Shastra that was practiced in Temple Architecture and apply the concept for modern buildings.

To program a sub-conscious mind of a building resident for creating magical manifestations through advanced level programming techniques

  • How to balance the Chakras, Kundalini and Nadis, cancellation of past life karmas for a better future for yourself and your clients, energy architecture of human body


  • What kinds of Energy fields are responsible for different kinds of businesses
  • How to find lost objects in a building and use similar technique for finding problematic objects in cases where one is unable to associate the problem with a particular Vastu zone
  • This course is designed by Guru Naresh MIttal.

After Course Support

  • Panchtattva Vastu will provide you full support to work on your case studies.
  • If you miss any of the Session. You can take it in the next batch.
  • You can also Repeat the course*