If you are an Indian, it is highly likely that you would have come across the word – Vastu Shastra. If not, here is a quick introduction to the subject. If you already have an idea about what Vastu is, feel free to skip this section and move to the next.

Vastu Shastra – An Overview

India is a bizarre land. Several rituals and practices have originated in this land. These age-old beliefs and practices are based on some form of science. They are believed to bring a positive change in the lives of those who adopt them. Vastu Shastra is one such practice. It is an ancient Indian science implemented in architecture. It is a practice that blends art, science, and astronomy. The elements of the earth are also involved. While constructing homes, implementing Vastu guidelines for positivity is common. The practice dictates the colors of the walls, the placement of the rooms, garage etc…, the directions various entries/balconies must face and other related things.

For people who are staying in homes that were not constructed based on Vastu, there are certain changes/modifications available, to turn around their luck. India has numerous Vastu specialists and agencies that help people with the same.

As this practice originated here, there is no dearth of institutes where you can do a Vastu course in India.


Panchtattva Vastu Course

Course Overview:

15 Day (Weekly basis, 3 Hours Session) Vastu Course enables Beginners and Professionals to understand fundamentals of Modern Vastu Shastra, exploring career in Panchtattva Vastu, becoming helpful for family and friends to suggest authentic Panchtattva Vastu Solutions. You become eligible to do further Panchtattva Vastu courses for pursuing excellence in your professional Practice.

Course is led by authorized Panchtattva Vastu Acharya to help you learn step Panchtattva Vastu methodology for step-by-step diagnosis of any problem and then applying Panchtattva Vastu techniques for balancing. You will be taught application of popular Panchtattva Vastu remedies as well as using household objects as remedies for achieving desired results. Each session is full of practical sessions to enrich you with hands on experience of Panchtattva Vastu fundamentals, methodology and simple remedies for solving problematic Vastu Doshas.


During These 15 Days, You Will Learn:-

  1. Introduction & Mysteries of VPM
  2. Why Vastu and what is effect of building on mind and body.
  3. What is Panchtattva Vastu.
  4. How to analyse any building plan.
  5. Importance of directions and working on an accurate floor plan.
  6. What are 32 Entrance Effects in Panchtattva Vastu.
  7. What are 16 Panchtattva Vastu Zones and their attributes.
  8. End to end training on marking Centre and Panchtattva Vastu Zones.
  9. What are effects of Toilets, Bedrooms, Drawing Room, Kitchen, Septic Tanks, Dustbin, Boring, Overhead Water Tanks etc. Panchtattva Zones.
  10. What are 5 Elements and linking with Panchtattva Vastu directions.
  11. How to use 16 Panchtattva Vastu Techniques.
    • (8main direction and 8 sub directions (4 mains + 4 sub & 8 Sub-Sub
  12. How to Find Master Bedroom as per their Profession.
  13. How to Select Study Table Zone as per the Subjects
  14. Effects of Puja Room as per 16 Zones
    • NavDurga / Dashaavtar of lord Vishnu / Krishna leela’s as per Zones.
  15. What are 32 Panchtattva Vastu remedies and how to treat wrong 32 Entrance and their Effect in Residents and commercial.
  16. What is the right place to keep household and interior decoration objects.
  17. Practical exercises on improving relationships, children education, job promotion and growth, savings and money flow.
  18. Panchtattva ( 3+ 5 Elements Creation/Destruction/Balancing)
  19. Shapes and slopes of land/plot, house &Flats , Vithi Shool
  20. Stairs Clock Wise & Anti-Clock Wise
  21. Lo-Shu Grid as per Vastu (based on DOB/ Numero Vastu)
  22. Effects of Home Appliances in 16 Zones likes Washing Machines, Mixer etc.
  23. Soil colour and Testing
  24. Merma Technique, 9*9 Padvinyas , Bharam sthan
  25. Maps and Bar charts
  26. Fortune Business Card
  27. Remedies and Solution in Practical on map
  28. Exercises @ Q A Session


Subjects Also Available:

  1. Ayaadi shadvarga
  2. Kankini vichar
  3. Aura Scanner
  4. Dowsing
  5. Lecher Antenna
  6. Ayurveda-Vastu
  7. Signature-Vastu
  8. Advanced Vastu (Based on 45 + 10 Devtas)


After Course Support

  1. Panchtattva Vastu will provide you full support to work on your case studies.
  2. If you miss any of the Session. You can take it in the next batch.
  3. You can also Repeat the course*



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What Should Anyone Learn Vastu?

Most people in the real estate field have a general understanding of what Vastu is. This is because their business involves construction. They deal with clients who want Vastu guidelines to be implemented. Therefore, if you are in the real estate field, it is a good idea to have formal training in Vastu Shastra. Formal education in Vastu needs to be limited to those aspiring to become Vastu specialists or those in the real estate field. Even otherwise, you can enroll in a Vastu course.

To do any course, there needs to be some motivation. Motivation is the driving force that pushes you to the finish line. So, in this case, why should any person join a Vastu course? Let us discuss this.

  • Vastu Shastra is based on the Pancha bhoothas or the five elements of nature – the earth, wind, fire, space, water. In layman terms, the idea is to build everything in sync with nature so that we use nature’s forces to our advantage. Therefore, if anything is not going well in your life, you will be qualified to detect if there are any issues with construction.
  • Many people wonder why we should enroll in a course when the internet has abundant information on the topic. A suitable analogy to this question would be – why go to a physician for diagnosis when several online tests predict your illness based on the symptoms?
  • From teaching, sports, medicine to Vastu, qualification is important. Yes, you can get a general idea about Vastu Shastra from online sources. But nothing compares to formal training
  • As more people are believing in constructing a home based on Vastu, becoming a Vastu expert is a viable career option. The courses for Vastu are affordable and have a short duration. Thus, anybody can enroll and explore a new career.
  • For those in the real estate sector, if you have formal training in Vastu Shastra, you will double up as an in-house Vastu expert for your agency. This will eliminate your dependence on third-party Vastu consultants. You can in turn reduce costs too.

Benefits Of Vastu Knowledge

Anyone can find information about Vastu practices from various online and sources. However, there are certain perks of gaining knowledge from a Vastu course in India. What are the benefits of having good knowledge of Vastu?

  • Spreading positive vibes – In any home, positive vibes are a must. If you do not have positivity within your walls, it becomes the root cause of many problems. From online sources, you can only get surface-level information about Vastu. With a Vastu course in India, you will delve deeper. In-depth knowledge means you know the scientific principles behind each practice. Therefore, if you are facing any issues in your home, you can easily get to the root of the problem.


Vastu is not just about changing the color of your walls or the direction your doors face. It is much deeper than that. If you have formal training through a course, you will be able to apply your knowledge to analyze the issues you are facing. The best of all is if you enroll in a course even before constructing any building. This would mean that you can build your home/office with Vastu so that you start your stay with a good vibe. There will be no need to spend time and resources to demolish or reconstruct the building later.

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  • Helping clients/friends – While facing problems, it is common for people to share it with their friends. If your friend approaches you with any such problems, you can use your knowledge to analyze their situation as well. In case you can suggest Vastu remedies for your friends, they will forever be grateful to you. Therefore, pursuing a Vastu course in India is not only helpful to you personally, but also to the people around you.


We encourage people from all walks of life to pursue a Vastu course in India. From contractors to architects, interior designers to real estate agents, all are welcome. If you are in a business involving buildings and construction, and you have the knowledge of Vastu, then you have an edge over others in the industry. You can suggest Vastu compliant designs for your clients. All of our Vastu courses are affordable. Our courses are designed such that anyone without any prior knowledge in Vastu can take the course.

The testimonials from our former students speak volumes about the quality of our courses. The curricula for our Vastu courses are carefully designed by a team of experienced Vastu experts. Along with this ancient Indian science, students are also exposed to similar practices around the world (like Feng Shui). Practical classes strengthen students’ application skills. Exercises where students have to read and analyze a site map help them learn how to apply theoretical knowledge in practical situations.

If you are looking to pursue a Vastu course in Delhi, congratulations! You have arrived at the right place!

Pursuing A Vastu Course In India

Now that you have understood the basic motivation behind doing a Vastu course, the immediate question that follows would be how to find a good Vastu course in India? Which institutes offer a Vastu course in Delhi? Where to find Vastu course online?

Vastu, having originated in India, numerous reputed institutes offer a wide range of courses in the subject. In India, you have a variety of courses and specializations to choose from – Diploma, Post Graduate Diploma in Vastu, Vedic Vastu, master’s degree, and even Ph.D. Every course has its eligibility criteria/pre-requisites.

What Do Students Learn In A Vastu Course?

While it is true that each institute has its syllabus, all the syllabi are more or less similar. Generally, a course is divided into smaller modules – each module having a small, understandable chunk of the whole. Vastu Shastra has several interesting sub-topics.

Students will first be introduced to the basic concepts in Vastu – the five forces of nature. Later, concepts such as energies associated with different directions, colors and their effects on moods, interior designs that are Vastu approved, etc… will be introduced.

Once students have a stronghold on the basic concepts, intermediate level concepts are introduced. For instance, students will slowly learn how to read a map, detect any errors in the style of construction, and provide Vastu remedies for the same. No matter what you learn in the classroom, nothing matches practical experience. Thus, students should also be given real maps in practical sessions. This will enable them to understand how to apply their knowledge. Sometimes, it is not possible to renovate a building. In cases where demolition is not an option, other remedies need to be suggested. Therefore, students need to be aware of alternate Vastu solutions that suit their clients.

Becoming An Expert

If you have observed how Vastu consultant suggests remedies, you will know that Vastu is not a standalone concept. There is an integration of scientific principles, geography, physics, psychology, and other streams. Also, to become an expert, a student needs to be educated on other closely related concepts such as gems and their attributes, the pyramid – its power and energies. Most of the time, a solution is a combination of all of these concepts. Therefore, at the expert level, students explore concepts that are closely related to Vastu.

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Vastu Course Online

This is the age of technology. Not everyone can afford to travel to various institutes to study Vastu. Moreover, some people prefer to pursue these courses along with their regular college or job. For these people, there are numerous platforms to pursue a Vastu course online. As we want to offer our courses to everyone interested, we provide the facility to pursue a Vastu course online. A Vastu course online holds the same value as a regular course as long as the curriculum covers all the concepts. Pursuing a Vastu course online is a viable solution for people who cannot afford to travel for the same.

Your geographical location need not be a barrier anymore. With the option of enrolling in a Vastu course online and online payments, you can become a Vastu expert from any corner of the world. All you need is a good internet connection and a device. With an online course, students will still need to fulfill the same requirements for course completion. The syllabus will also be quite the same. Doubt clarification is possible through chat option, emails, etc… With the availability of study material online, you have everything in place to start your journey. How far you go is now up to your interest and determination. Make the best use of technological advancements.


Whether you want to pursue Vastu as a hobby, or as a second career or to become a Vastu consultant, a Vastu course in India will help you. Retired personnel, housewives, students, architects, contractors and builders, interior designers – everyone has started showing interest in these courses. You can even become a part-time consultant and make some extra bucks. Some people are just fascinated by the concept of Vastu and want to know more about their powers. Even for such people, a Vastu course in India is a good first step.

We provide top-quality study materials and experienced faculty. With years of experience in both consultation and training, we believe that we are well equipped with all tools necessary to deliver the best to our potential students. Therefore, if you are interested in taking up a course in Vastu, wait no more. You can choose to learn online or attend classes offline. With our experts and your determination, we can bring out the best in you. Start your journey with us and see yourself growing into a Vastu expert. Welcome to our family!

Vastu Course In India

Panchtattva Vastu is a leading vastu learning course provider in India. We have come up with a well curated vastu course which you can pursue in Delhi and online.



1. Why Is It Necessary To Pursue A Vastu Course In India?

A course guarantees that you are formally qualified to do the job. You can attract international clients too if you are trained formally.

2. Where Can I Pursue A Vastu Course In Delhi?

Delhi is home to several reputed institutes. Look up the institutes online and choose one that best suits you. Some reputed institutes provide the option of enrolling in a Vastu course online as well.

3. Are Online Vastu Degrees Valid?

When you are pursuing a Vastu course online, make sure that it is from a legitimate website. Check if the curriculum is extensive. As long as it is the same knowledge, the medium of learning does not matter. So yes, you can become a Vastu consultant by completing a Vastu course online.