PanchtattvaVastu Tips for Buying a New Home During Covid-19

PanchtattvaVastu tips for buying a new home during Covid-19


For all those who were in the middle of striking a deal for buying a house this year are facing huge issues due to coronavirus. Covid pandemic has dampened the spirit of many home buyers and sellers too. Due to the lockdown, developers have started showcasing their properties online through virtual tours. This is a completely new concept for Indians who have always believed in the aspect of touch and feel especially before making a high value purchase.

Apart from the appropriate government approvals, you must also pay attention if the house is vastu compliant. Vastu shastra is an ancient science that gives insights into spatial structures and guides one in home designing and building larger constructs. The guidelines of Vastu shastra have scientific explanation and if adhered to, would attract positive vibes, fortune and happiness to your place.

As per Vastu shastra, in a building with four flats (more or less) per floor, we would find one apartment to be 40% positive; two would be around 30% to 50% positive and the other one about 20%. Now at same location, with the same cost and with the same area and facilities/amenities, a smart buyer under the guidance of a Vastu shastra expert can get best among all the options available. Here are a few guiding steps from Dr Naresh Mittal, a Vastu Technocrat, you can follow while making a deal.


1) Choose a minimum of three options of your dream home. It is best to get a Vastu expert on board to evaluate on all aspects of a home and then select the best based on their suggestion.

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2) Always prefer main entrance in the North, West, South or East.

3) Consider having much open space (Living Room) and openings in the North to East region

4) It’s highly essential to have morning sun rays in your Vastu but setting sun rays should be avoided.


5) Kitchen should be in South-South-East, the master bed room in South, children bed room in East-North-East  these are some of the highly essential factors, that needs to be followed seriously.

6) One of the most important factors is the abode of the God or your prayer corner which every buyer can or should follow strictly and that should be in the North-East region.

7) It is highly risky to trust the directions mentioned on floor plan or a brochure of real estate project as we have experienced errors in 98 % of cases evaluated in the last 22 years. 8) According to Vastu shastra every premise should be square or rectangular.

You can keep any kind of shape of your house and its is necessary to consult with PanchtattvaVastu to Balance the State of your new house.

9) In India it is highly difficult to get such premises, but we should avoid premises with cuts. But, if there are cuts no need to worry about it, we are there to help you out of that situation. We are PanchtattvaVastu with knowledge of GuruSakha Naresh Mittal, these problems are negligible.


9) Most of the developers claim that their projects are Vastu shastra compliant. But in most cases these claims are found false. To verify such claims, one should ask for the contact details of the Vastu consultant.

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10) If buyers start insisting for house as per Vastu shastra, then developers will have to respect the customer demand. Fortunately, such projects have started coming up.

11) It is highly difficult to get a premise that is 100% Vastu shastra compliant. But with the guidance of a Vastu sahstra expert, you can apply powerful remedies and make your premise positive by removing the Vastu doshas. These corrective measures are long-lasting, one time investment and involve minimal costs.

12) PanchtattvaVastu works without demolition of the place, we apply our Panchtattva Remedies to treat doshas.

13) No need to worry about your house, we our here to help you out.