Vastu Consultant  For Basement

Make The Right Choice By Going Through Vastu For Basement

Make The Right Choice By Going Through Vastu For Basement

As the times have changed so have the thinking of people. Ancient studies of experts are not given much importance these days. Because of which, many people have forgotten about their value and the impact that they can have on our lives. But as they say, it is quite important to stay connected to your roots in order to succeed in life. It can be done by making sure that you go through all the previous records and try your best to understand them.

By following such old rituals, you surely will get many benefits. One such art is Vastu Shastra. It is translated as the science of architecture. By understanding its value, you can implement it in your day to day life. It is not only good for you but also for your loved ones. You can easily find Vastu tips online but to help you out easily, some of these are also given for you in the article which you can go through to have perfect knowledge of these.

All the principles of Vastu have been made only after proper research and are supported by logic. These show exactly how your house should be designed. The structure, design and functions of the building must be designed according to it to get maximum benefit. Their history goes back to ancient India and these have been religiously followed for years.

All the principles and rules have been designed after search. By following them, it can help in maintaining peace in the house. It is based on Spiritual knowledge and is great for any house. According to Vastu, there must not be a basement as it attracts negativity but to ensure that you get rid of it, Vastu for basement can help you out. It must not be used for sleeping or living purposes if the basement is made in a house.

Moreover, some basic rules must be taken care of in order to avoid any negative vibes which may emerge from the basement. These things must not be ignored under any circumstances if you are someone with a high faith in Vastu.

Vastu for Basement Car Parking

One of the things which are ignored most of the time is the car parking. Regardless of the fact that you have a new or old car, Vastu for basement car parking is quite important. Your car must always be parked facing South-West. Parking in the South-East corner must be avoided by all means and even if you do park there, there must be a slump in the corner. The walls of the South and the West direction must be solid and strong enough to avoid any problems in the future. Another thing is that the entrance must be from East or South and if not so, it must be connected to your house to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience.

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Is Vastu for basement ramp necessary?

Many people prefer a ramp instead of using stairs. If you are planning to have a ramp in your house then you must also be aware of the Vastu for basement ramp. The best place for building a ramp is the North-East direction and all the arrangements of the basement must be done according to it. By using light coloured walls, you can provide a lot of energy to your basement.

Basement stairs and Vastu

A basement without the stairs is pointless but if you want to know exactly where the stairs must be, then Vastu for basement stairs can come quite handy. South-west corner of the basement is usually recommended for building the stairs. As these are heavy and fixed, these will obstruct light. Another option to go for is to build the stairs in the South or the West direction.

Vastu for Basement Office

It is important that the stairs or the entrance of the basement area in the north-east so that at least some of the light can enter the basement which results in providing some positive vibes in the basement. Moreover, the walls must be of at least 9 feet so that when you get up, it is not a problem for the tall people.

To make the basement look better, it must be painted with a light colour, preferably white because already there is not enough light in a basement. It is recommended to build the office in a square or a rectangular shape. Any other odd shape must be avoided. It can even help in the symmetrical arrangement of all the stuff.

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Role of Vastu for basement in house

It is usually not recommended to keep a basement in the house because it can be a little unlucky. But if you have one or are planning to have one then there must be a few things to be kept in mind. You must paint the walls a light colour and the walls must be tall enough to fit into a tall person. It is preferred that it shouldn’t be used for living purposes because you may not get much positive energy in there. Instead, it can be used for storage, art and craft, any studio of your choice or even for some great movie time. By following Vastu for basement in house you can ensure good vibes all the time.

Is basement good for house?

There is not much harm in having a basement in the house until all the instructions provided by Vastu are followed properly. Not following those instructions may lead to many problems including health and financial. It is important not to spend much time in the basement because of the negative vibes.

It can be avoided by spending more time in the other rooms instead. You can even place things with positive energy in the basement to help you feel better in there. Also, do make sure that you keep proper lighting in the basement.

Is basement good for the business?

When it comes to Vastu regarding the question Is basement good for business, it must be kept in mind that you don’t spend too much time in there because you may not feel as warm and positive as you may in any other room. There is not much problem if you keep enough windows in the basement which help in getting plenty of sunlight in the room. Your business may not be affected if you carry on activities there. Instead, it is a great way to utilize the extra space and putting it into something useful.

Whom to contact?

To know more about it you can even consult an expert. You must go for only one name which is Panchtattva Vastu. They can help you out easily in knowing all about Vastu for Basement. The best thing about them is that they don’t cause any damage to your house while recommending the changes. All the doshas which may cause any kind of damage can be removed quite easily with their help. They have even conducted many workshops to help people know better. With the aim to bring complexity and power to man, you can trust them completely.

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Vastu has been proved quite beneficial. So if you are planning to build your dream house, make sure that you take care of Vastu Shastra to maintain a peaceful environment in the house all the time long. You can avoid any problems in the house because the structure of your house affects your behaviour too indirectly.

You will surely feel positive vibes all day long by taking care of everything. And what’s better than coming home with a welcoming feeling from the house? So contact a Vastu expert before finalizing the things. You surely won’t regret making the choice as most of them are quite experienced and you can afford them easily too!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques. 1 – What should be kept in the northeast corner of the house?

Ans. –This corner of the house has a lot of energy and hence it must be kept empty and free of any clutter. All the things which have negative energy must not be kept be built there. It must be kept empty for the flow of good energy all over the house.

Ques. 2 – Where is the wealth corner of the house?

Ans. – The wealth corner of the home is the South-West direction. You can keep lockers or any safe in that corner of your home. Do make sure that their door opens in the north-east direction. It can even help you out in avoiding any kind of financial losses or problems.

Ques. 3 – Which direction should we sleep in according to Vastu Shastra?

Ans. –You can get many health benefits if you sleep in the direction recommended by Vastu. You must not keep your hear in the North and all the other directions are fine. Keeping head in North increases health problems. Head in any other direction has different benefits. All the directions have separate ones.