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Naresh Mittal Vastu Guru and Consultant was born in city Jind(Haryana). Soon after completing his graduation & Interior Designing, he entered the occult sciences of Vastu Shastra, Feng-Shui & Pyramidology and started creating awareness among society about these occult sciences. He has organised number of Vastu Courses on these topics apart from giving consultancy to more then 2000+ corporate clients on regular basis.

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Vastu For Bedroom – Learn All Of It Today!

The perfect home calls for the perfect details. Every house has its own design and infrastructure. And of course, one can design it to their own needs and preferences. Everyone dreams of the perfect home for themselves but sadly, not all of them end up fulfilling that dream. Making the perfect house takes time and a lot of patience too. To ensure that you have just the perfect time at your home and get the house of your dreams, you can follow up a few tips. These will help you in maintaining a positive environment in the house all the time and will also help in avoiding any fights and problems.

You can do so by following the suggestions provided by Vastu Shastra. It is an old Indian study regarding the architecture and design of houses which can help people out in the best possible way. It has been proven highly successful and people from around the world believe in it. One can learn about all the rules and guidelines provided easily and follow them up to maintain a healthy environment in their own homes too.

Vastu can bring a lot of change in your daily lifestyle if you give it a chance. In case you need any expert for the same, you can hire one easily. You will find a detailed guide about Vastu for bedroom in this article. You can rearrange things in your home accordingly so that you can get the benefit of this art. It is important because the bedroom is the place you spend time while sleeping and you must feel comfortable there. You must feel good spending your time in there so that you can stay fresh and feel good.

By following up all the suggestions exactly, you’ll notice that you feel more relaxed spending your time in the bedroom. There are many factors related to this which you can find in this article given below. Do make sure to go through the entire article so that you can know everything to the point and reduce the chances of any mistakes.


What Is The Vastu For Colour Of The Bedroom?

Colour plays quite an important role in our life. Each colour signifies a different mood and tone. It is important to follow Vastu for colour of bedroom as it will help you in giving your room the perfect shade. It is important that you don’t underestimate the power of colours as they can directly affect your mood. You must choose the colour suitable for your bedroom according to your nature and the members spending time in the room.

Green signifies harmony, growth, relaxation and many other such features which makes this one perfect for almost everyone. You can go for its other shades too. Red is a bold one and represents fire which is why it should be avoided by those with anger issues. If you are depressed, you must surround yourself with warm and lively colours like yellow. White is a symbol of peace and cleanliness which is why you can paint the ceiling white.

Orange is the symbol of determination and strength to those who want to achieve a goal, orange can be the right choice to go for. But do make sure not to overuse this one. For all those who want to feel content and happy, brown is the colour for them. Do make sure that you choose the right shade and consider the mood first.


Which Direction Is Best For Bedroom?

It is quite important to pay attention to this one because the bedroom is the place you’ll spend most of your time in. It is important that while designing your own home, you make sure that you have it in the right direction, even if you are renting, look for a house in which all rules of Vastu have been followed. The ideal place for your bedroom is a south-west direction. It must be big so that you can spend quality time here without facing any discomfort. When it comes to the bed, you can go for a king-sized bed but do make sure that you place the bed in the south of the west wall of the room.

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In case you are not able to get the desired direction, you can always go for the other one. The direction which must be avoided at all costs is the south-east direction. Having a bedroom in this one will not only increase the number of fights but is also important as it can end up affecting your financial status. Coming to the direction of the door, the door must not be exactly in front of the bed. There must be only one entrance to the room and it can be in any direction except the south.

What Vastu To Follow For Master Bedroom?

The master bedroom of your home must be occupied by the head of the family. It is importantthat this room is located in the south-west direction. It is the ideal direction for a bedroom. This room must be a little bigger than all the other rooms present in your house. If you live in a house with multiple stories, you can arrange the master bedroom on the top floor. This bedroom must have a king-sized bed which must be in the south or the west direction of the room. This will ensure that the legs are facing the north or the east direction while sleeping as these both are considered quite lucky.

Another thing to take care while following Vastu for master bedroom is that the bed must not be touching the sidewalls of the room. It must be placed in the centre of the room as this will help in maintaining good relations and a healthy environment. The master bedroom must be occupied by married couples as this will help in making their bond stronger and will ensure positive vibes too. You must avoid all the big electronic items inside the room as these ends up disrupting the harmony of the room. By following all these, it will surely help you in making your master bedroom even better.

What Is The Mirror In Bedroom Vastu?

A bedroom is a place where people lie down and relax. It is important that it has all the stuff that makes you feel good and makes the room look attractive too. You can always add up tiny accessories to the room to make it look good. One such thing is a mirror. It usually gives a bigger look to the room and looks good on the wall too. According to mirror in bedroom Vastu, you must not place mirrors in your bedroom. They may not be a good indication. You can place them in the dressing room or close to the dressing table.

If you do not own a dressing table or have a separate room for that, do make sure that you place the mirror in your room in a very specific way. You must make sure that the reflection if any of your body parts don’t fall in the mirror while sleeping. This is because it helps in avoiding damage to that specific body part. In case your current decoration is in such a way, do consider changing it. You can place the mirror on the sides of your bed or can place them high on the wall so that it doesn’t catch your reflection while sleeping.

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Vastu For Bedroom In North West

The North West direction of the house is related to air which means change and move. Having a bedroom in this direction shouldn’t be a problem for most people. This direction can be used in case you couldn’t have the master bedroom in the first preferred direction according to Vastu. This direction is ideal for newly married couples as it ensures happiness and a strong bond for them. It is also perfect for those couples who are trying to have a child.

Vastu for bedroom in North West direction also says that this direction is ideal for girls. You can give this room to a young girl as it can help in getting her married soon. It is considered lucky in case you have a marriageable daughter in your home. It will also help in increasing the chances of getting marriage faster.  You can also make your child’s bedroom here as it can help in keeping the child in the discipline. He or she will learn how to obey and this room will surely help in building up some traits.

What Is The North West Bedroom Vastu?

The northwest direction is considered one of the best when it comes to the house. In case you have children, a room in this place may end up being the best. The north west bedroom Vastu is with the reason that it is the direction of the wind-God and wind signifies constant movement. This direction is free from any negative vibes and can help in maintaining a positive atmosphere. It is a perfect place for the newly wedded couples as it can help in making their live deeper.

If you plan on making a bedroom in this direction, you are doing the right thing. Just do make sure that you take care of all the other necessary Vastu tips when it comes to bedrooms. Do make sure that you pain the room in a warm colour to ensure positive vibes all the time. Also, do make sure that you don’t end up hanging a big mirror on one of the walls. Anything else you do or place in the bedroom is fine but it must meet the requirements.

Which Corner Is Best For Bedroom?

As mentioned earlier, following all the rules by Vastu can help in getting better health and ensuring good relations among the family members. The best position for placing the bedroom in the south-west corner. It is an ideal position for the master bedroom too. You can ensure that you place all the things according to Vastu for better results. This room of the house can be used by the couples as it helps in making things better between the two.

The door of the bedroom must be in any direction except the South. It must open smoothly and without creating any kind of noise. This bedroom can have a king-sized bed too. Another important tip for a bedroom is that you must strictly avoid any kind of fish aquariums or any other pets in the bedroom. Although it is a little difficult but you may have to pay this little price to ensure everything goes well in your house. The colour too must be chosen according to the mood to make sure you can develop a good character along with following the principles.

What Is The Vastu For Child Bedroom?

The bedroom of your child must be located on the west side of the house. It will help in making the child obedient and ensured progress in life. The door of the bedroom must be away from the bed. The door must not open directly in front of the bed as it can attract negative energies. All the furniture including the cupboards and others must be fixed in the south-west direction which will ensure there is enough space in the room. When it comes to bedrooms for children, again colours play an important role. A child, while growing, can acquire a lot of qualities easy so it is important to provide a good environment for the same.

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According to Vastu for child bedroom, you can use green and yellow colour in the bedroom which will enhance concentration and keep your child cheerful. You can also use a mixture of a few colours or draw patterns on the walls to ensure more energy. Avoid using colours like red and blue to avoid health problems and anger issues. The direction of the bed must be in the south-west portion of the room which will help him or her in getting a sound sleep easily. By following all these tips properly, you’ll notice that your child is doing well in almost all the things.

There are many Vastu experts out there whom you can contact for help but none of them will offer you services like Panchtattva. They can help you with Vastu for bedroom in the best possible way. With years of experience, they have satisfied hundreds of customers. You can be one of them by simply contacting the company. They are experts when it comes to Vastu and has won many awards for the same too. When you consult them, you can easily see how they can make changes to your home and make it full of positivity.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques. 1 – Where should we keep head while sleeping?

Ans. – Every direction has its own advantages and disadvantages according to Vastu. While sleeping, your toes must point towards the North or the east direction. You can place the headboard in the south or the west direction for this. You must place your head in the South direction while sleeping. This will help you in getting a sound sleep. If you’re looking for wealth, you can sleep with your head on the west side.

Ques. 2 – Which side of the bed husband should sleep?

Ans. – According to Vastu, the husband must sleep on the right side of the bed. To make things better between the couple, it is important that the colour if the walls are painted in a light colour. The bed must be of wood and metal beds must be avoided. Couples can also go for a bedroom in the south-west direction of the house for a better bond between the two.

Ques. 3 – Which side of the bed should a woman sleep?

Ans. – A woman must sleep on the left side of the bed. The couple must share one single mattress instead of two to ensure a good bond between them. It will help in ensuring minimum fights between the two and stronger bond. The couple must also make sure that they get the room on the south-west direction of the house. It is considered as the best direction as per Vastu and will ensure abetter relation.

Ques. 4 – Where should a couple hang a bedroom picture?

Ans. – Couples can hang their pictures right in front of the bed. This will help in ensuring positive vibes in the room. Do make sure that you place it at a height that the reflection of your body doesn’t fall on the frame while sleeping. The frame may act as a mirror and as said earlier, it is not something auspicious. Pictures showing love and affection must be preferred over the others.

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