Vastu Consultant For Clinic

What should be the most appropriate Vastu for Clinic?

What should be the most appropriate Vastu for Clinic?

Those used to be older days when the number of hospitals used to be limited. They were also equipped with limited facilities. But, nowadays this concept has drastically changed. Hospitals are more into forming industries with a proper management system looking after it’s every whereabout. They are also aimed at bringing the most comfortable experience for their patients.

Therefore, just like the residential areas, it is very necessary that the perfect Vastu For Clinic is implied. Vastu helps in speedy recovery of the patients. It majorly includes the areas like the entrance, alignment of the room and its construction. It has been a belief that though the doctors are responsible for treating the patients, the righteous Vastu For Clinic assists the patients in quick recovery. Vastu basically relates to the environment and the cosmic forces surrounding us which are believed to make the greatest impact on the healing stage of any individual.

Actually, it is believed that clinics and hospitals tend to harbour the negative energy coming from the sick people entering the premises. Therefore, in order to withdraw negative energy and positive energy in the whole space, the correct Vastu For Clinic must be implemented. Correct Vastu promotes a sense of calmness and is more peaceful. This peaceful environment is responsible for the quick healing of the patients.

Therefore, before transforming your property into a clinic, go through a detailed study about its construction. Remember to implement the correct Vastu. This can be done by making the entrance of the clinic facing the east, north or south-east. This removes any kind of uncertainty popping in the minds of the patients. It also helps them seek proper consultation without a hint of fear.

One can also make the entrance in the west, south or south-west direction if needed. It is generally believed that constructing the main waiting area in the north or north-east direction will not the patients feel agitated or disturbed. Never go for modelling your waiting room in the south-east direction. This is expected to bring unhappiness and wrong emotions to the patients.

What is the importance of Indian vastu for clinic?

Since Vastu For Clinic is responsible for bringing in positive energy in the space, it is very important that your little space is equipped with its every feature. The importance of Indian vastu shastra for clinic is numerous and still counting. They are:

  • It is believed that all suspicious locations must be situated either in the west, south or south-west. While treating, the patients must be facing east or north-east. This, in turn, promotes deep concentration.
  • Black, blue or grey coloured chairs are generally a no. These colours are bound to create depressing situations and are considered negative in the shastras of Vastu. These colours must be refrained from using even in the carpets and on the floor.

According to the mahavastu for clinic, what should be the colour of the room?

Since ages, medical rooms are considered to be one of the most depressing rooms. This is mainly due to the presence of diseases, patients and medicines. Therefore, it is very important to curate your room with the best set of colours. The colours should be such that they create an overall inspiring, bright, soothing and positive atmosphere. This, in turn, makes the patients happy and fills them with energy, enthusiasm to survive and inspiration to get through the injuries or diseases.

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It is always recommended to go for light shades of colour. Go for the correct colours of paint for your clinic. The right colours will bring calmness and patience into the patience. Generally, colours such as blue, pink, light green are considered to be the best choices. Their light shades such as light shades of blue and pink, light green also work totally fine. They create an overall light environment and instil cooling effects. They are regarded to bring calming and cooling effects to the room.

Also, it is highly recommended to hang up scenic and cheerful photographs on the walls. Vastu for dental clinic says that this action can bring about liveliness to the room. Dark shades of colours like grey, black, violet and red must be avoided. This tends to invite negative energies and make the area look darker.

What should the proper arrangement of furniture?

Also, it is very important to properly arrange the furniture in the clinic. Every object in this entire universe is believed to give out energy. Therefore, it is highly recommended to place every furniture in the room according to the vastu tips for homeopathic clinic. It is necessary that the examination table is slid in the north-west corner of the room.

This is considered auspicious. Also, during examination, the patient’s heads should be in the east with his legs aligned in the west direction. Rest of the furniture of the room must be placed ideally either in the west or south direction. Always refrain from using irregular shapes of furniture. This can be a circle, triangular or oval. Usually, the rectangular and square-shaped furniture are considered to be the best. The placement of the furniture must be apt.

They should not be closely placed. There must be a gap of at least 3 inches between them. This ensures proper flow of positive energy in between them. Also, keep clutter away from the centre. The patient’s bed must be suitably placed in the south-west direction with other tables located in the north or east.

According to vastu tips to increase patient flow in a clinic, what should be the entrance to the room and location for the waiting room?

Every room has its own entrance. And, so does every clinic. The entrance serves as the passageway to enter a room for any purpose. According to the vastu for doctor clinic, it is believed that the entrance must be kept in the north side, east side or in the north-east direction. Generally, this way of constructing your clinic can be pretty much helpful in drawing positive energy into the clinic.

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It also boosts the patient’s confidence. Without emoticons of uncertainty and fear, they can seek for consultation. If in any case, these directions are not available to align your entrance, then you can go for south-west, south or west directions. These directions work perfectly well in sustaining positive energy in the room.

The waiting room in any clinic is the place where people or patients can peacefully sit while waiting for their turn. The indian vastu shastra for clinic suggests that north-side or north-east portion of the areas are the most perfect to locate the waiting rooms. Patients don’t feel uncomfortable, agitated or get irritated easily. In fact, these corners boost up the patience level of the patients. It is always advisable to avoid corners in the south-east direction, as this tends to draw unhappiness and brings in a lot of disputes.

 What should be the location of the doctor’s room?

A clinic is completely meaningless without a doctor. And, doctors need their separate cabins where then can deal with the patient’s check-ups. Therefore, the vastu for dental clinic suggests that the location of the room must be in the south, west or south-west direction. This boosts up and increases the level of concentration. Doctors can work more peacefully with dedicated levels of concentration.

Also, the room where the patients are often admitted to must also be aligned in the proper direction as prescribed by Vastu For Clinic. During the treatment, it is advised that the patients face the northeast direction. This again increments the level of patience and helps to focus more carefully. Doctors also get to learn about the patient’s queries with more details and definitely in a better way. Also, the doctors are recommended to face the ease direction while dealing with the patients.

What should be the colour of the doctor’s chair?

Vastu for dental chair plays a major role. Either it is the dental chair or the doctor’s chair, every furniture must be arranged properly according to the norms mentioned in vastu. Also, the colour matters a lot. Colours like black and red are usually expected to put negative impacts on the environment. It drives in negative energy into the minds.

Colours like light tones of brown, beige and cream are the most perfect ones. They are cooler in their undertones and brings in positive vibes. They depict a life full of smiles and grin. Therefore, avoid creating depressing environments by the inclusion of a darker shade of colours. And, this advice must be applied to the colour of the carpets of the room as well.

What are some of the things one must take care while studying vastu for clinic?

Some of the tips are:

  • Care must be taken while deciding the proper location of the clinic.
  • Extra care must be taken while deciding the exterior shapes, water level, height and slope of the clinic.
  • The beams must be located properly.
  • The basement’s location must be apt.
  • The entrance must be in the proper direction.
  • There must be a proper placement and direction of the windows, various machines and equipments, electrical gadgets and machines like the generator, various water products, underground water tank.
  • The staircase, AC or the cooler, waste disposal or the water tank should be placed in a particular direction.
  • There must be a proper direction of the toilet area, guard’s room, patients’ room, medical rooms, reception area and the place where the receptionist and employees sit, parking area, etc.
  • The clinic’s colour pattern and its scheme.
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What are some of the other tips that must be followed according to the vastu for dental clinic facing east?

The tips are:

  • One can decorate the walls with decorative pieces like scenic paintings, etc.
  • Playing of relaxing music in the clinic is also a good option.
  • Try to make the atmosphere inside the clinic a bit peaceful and light. This can be done by the installation of small aquarium or water fountains.

What is Panchtattva?

Panchtattva basically aims at implementing the correct Vastu at your place. We all know about the importance of Vastu. It helps to build positive energy in your place and helps to remain strong and cheerful all day long. Therefore, a wrong Vastu implemented place can just do the opposite.

Therefore, in order to prevent such happenings, this organisation helps individuals get the right Vastu For Clinic, house, industries etc. It requires no kind of structure change, no type of demolition actions, etc. It involves itself into peaceful actions and implementations. It deals with various types of Vastu such as the spiritual Vastu, Commercial Vastu, residential Vastu, industrial Vastu etc. One can reach out to them anytime whenever they are in need of remodelling the house for the proper implementation of Vastu.

FAQ Section:

1) What are the best Vastu colours for the clinic?

Light hues of colour are mostly preferred. This includes colours like white, cream, beige, light brown etc. Colours like red, black, purple are strictly prohibited. They are assumed to create a negative atmosphere.

2) Is Vastu important to set up a clinic?

Yes, it is important. Evidences dates back to centuries. Correct Vastu is bound to draw in positive energy in the clinic.

3) According to Vastu, what side should the doctor face in the clinic?

Vastu says that the doctor’s chamber must be in the southwest direction. Also, he must face the east or north direction.

4) In Vastu, which side is not good for the clinic’s entrance?

It is generally regarded that the entrance of the clinic must never be in the south direction.