Vastu Tips for Your Home Exterior – Consider Experts Advice

Vastu Tips for Your Home Exterior – Consider Experts Advice

It is the dream of every family to build a home that keeps their family safe and sound. Apart from the architectural aspects, one must also pay attention to the Vastu Shastra. Just like how it is important to follow Vastu while designing the home interiors, it is equally important to build the exteriors according to Vastu. Vastu for exteriors consists of things like the ideal color for your house, the placement of the gate and main door, and other things that are usually placed outside your home. If you follow the recommended Vastu for exteriors, you will be surprised to see how your home attracts positive vibes only.

Vastu tips for Exteriors

A powerful and well-planned exterior has the potential to expel the negative energy that might harm the residents of the home. Your career, health, and overall wellness depend on how well you plan your home exterior. Things that fall under home exterior include the borewell, staircase, basement/garage, overhead tank, etc…Here are a few general tips on how to take care of your home exterior according to Vastu Shastra.

  • The compound wall – It is one of the main exteriors of your home. It is advised to build the compound wall such that it is the thickest and the highest wall in the house. Also, the southern and western walls need to be tall enough to keep the sun’s harmful rays from penetrating the home.
  • Avoid building a garage in the south-west and north directions. Instead, place your garage in the south-east or north-west direction.
  • The recommended direction to build a borewell is north, east, or north-east. This is believed to bring good luck financially. A borewell inside the house/a room or in the south direction must be avoided.
  • For over-head tanks, there is one dedicated direction. It is only in this direction that it is considered to be safe. Take care to install the overhead tank in the south-west direction only.
  • If you are building a room for the watchman/servant, the placement of that room matters as well. If care is not taken, these people might be affected because of bad design. Again, the south-west is the ideal direction to build such rooms.
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Which color is best for the exterior as per Vastu?

The best color for the exterior of the house is white/mauve. The exterior should always have a light color. Sometimes, the color is recommended based on the direction of the house. Colors matter because they speak a lot about the people staying within. The exterior colors create the first impression and set the mood for the house. If your house faces the north-east direction, light blue is the color recommended. East facing homes can either be painted white or light blue.

Vastu colors for exterior house

The exteriors of the house must have an uplifting color. The color affects the guests and inhabitants of the house. The color for the exterior is decided based on several factors – the horoscope of the house owner, the Lord of the ascendant, the other beneficial planets in the houses, the lord of the 4th house, etc…Colour theory has proven that each color has a set of characteristics and colors have the power to change our moods. Since mood and energy are what keeps a home alive, it is important to pick an appropriate color for your home.

Vastu colors for the exterior walls and their effects

In this section, we shall discuss the various effects each color has on the inhabitants of a home.

  • Light colors such as pink/peach are considered auspicious. Thy is believed to be a symbol of love, joy, romance, happiness, and harmony.
  • Black is usually considered to be inauspicious. The color is associated with evil. Therefore, black color is rarely preferred for walls.
  • Colors like aqua and mint green represent vitality. These uplift the mood of the residents and fill energy.
  • Yellow is considered to be a symbol of wealth, power, and wisdom. Some people may find it to be a flashy color.
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Why are colors important?

All the energy within the home – positive and negative generates from the five forces of nature. These are also known as the five elements or the Pancha Bhootas – air, fire, water, space, and the earth. We can associate colors with each of these elements. Colors such as red and yellow stand for fire. Earth can be associated with green and brown. Similarly, blue is the color that represents water. Therefore, while choosing colors for our homes, we are essentially trying to strike a balance between these forces of nature, so that our homes give out the right vibes.

The effect of placement of various spaces/objects in the exterior

You may wonder how building your garage a certain way or positioning your watchman’s room such that it faces a particular direction helps. Vastu Shastra tells us that these things have consequences. If you build the garage a certain way, it is good for the longevity of your vehicles. Similarly, the watchman’s room also plays a role in how loyal he will be. The placement of the overhead tank, the borewell, the basement, etc all have an impact on how peaceful your life will be during your stay on that piece of land.

How to decide the best color for exterior based on the direction?

In Vastu Shastra, it is believed that the south-east direction lacks energy. If your home faces the south-east, it is a good idea to use colors that can elevate the energy levels. Therefore, colors such as orange, pink, and green are preferred. For the houses that face south-west, colors such as light brown or peach are used. For north-facing homes, green color is a good choice, while for those that face the north-west, calm colors such as light grey and cream are recommended.

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Panchatattva Vastu

If you are looking for credible Vastu solutions in Delhi, Panchatattva Vastu should be your top choice. Panchatattva Vastu has won multiple awards from various Vastu Shastra institutions. They have hundreds of satisfied clients who have sought help in industrial Vastu, spiritual Vastu, Commercial Vastu, and residential Vastu.

You can get recommendations on how to design and color the exteriors of your home for the best benefits. Not only that, but you can also expect help on how to implement Vastu Shastra in a home that is already constructed.


1. What colors bring positive energy?

There are a bunch of colors that keep the home peaceful and harmonious. The blue color is preferred to set a calm and serene mood. Red is known for its brightness. Therefore, to keep the energy and appetite alive, it is preferred for dining rooms. Green is preferred for kitchen and veranda as it symbolizes growth and fertility. It is known to produce a healing effect. If you find these colors too strong, you may go with neutral colors like beige and tan. They are known to bring humility and happiness.

2. What is the most common exterior house color?

For the exterior, anything that is not too flashy or harsh is preferred. A neutral shade such as white, beige, light shades of blue, etc… are popular. With white, there are a variety of customizations that can be done concerning the borders.