Get To Know All About Vastu For Kitchen

Get To Know All About Vastu For Kitchen


The perfect house us everyone’s dream. It is quite important to ensure that you get all the perfect things in it and pay attention to even the minute details carefully. A home becomes perfect when you ensure that you take good care of everything. If you are shifting to your new home soon it is planning on getting a new house built, you must consider Vastu Shastra.

It is of Indian origin and is basically the architecture of houses. By considering this one, you’ll surely get a lot of good energy in your new home. It has various beliefs and is quite beneficial too if followed. By following all the algorithms, you’ll surely be able to get a little closer to nature too. It will also help you in leading a much more convenient lifestyle making your work easier. While looking for a new home, you can consider all these tips to ensure your family stays well all the time.

When it comes to Vastu, the kitchen is an important part. You must definitely not forget this part of your house because from here, all the energy goes to you. It is directly related. Kitchen is where all the food gets cooked, which is the source of energy. It is quite important that this source is full of positive vibes. By following up vastu for kitchen, you’ll surely be able to have a positive attitude towards everything. It will also help you in getting rid of all the negative vibes. It is a good start if you have been planning on maintaining a better health care routine.

You can also make many changes in your existing kitchen to ensure better vibes. It is a simple process to carry out and can come quite handy. You can follow the whole procedure easyand it won’t take up much of your time either. You may use some help for the same. Do make sure to read this article till the end to ensure that you have followed all the rules for the kitchen.

Know all the Vastu kitchen tips

When it comes to Vastu kitchen tips, the most important thing to take care of is to ensure that the kitchen is in the right direction. It will surely help in getting an advantage. Also, all the five elements (earth, water, fire, sky and air) must be in balance for the best results. All this has been discussed later in the article. All these elements must not oppose each other as it may end up creating negative energy hence resulting in more number of fights between the family members.

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Is open kitchen good as per Vastu?

Having an open kitchen adds a great look to the house but according to Vastu, it is not recommended. When the kitchen is open and connected to the living room, it may end up giving out negative vibes. It can result in conflicts among the family members. To avoid such things, you can make tiny changes in the kitchen and living room. Putting up an air conditioner in the living room may help in getting rid of the negativity to some extent. You can also change the colour of one of the walls of the kitchen to red which will help in nullifying the effect. You can also place a mirror in the kitchen which will help in getting rid of the negativity.


Which colour for kitchen is best according to Vastu?

There are a few colours that you can go to considering vastu for kitchen colour. You can go for colours like red or orange as they represent the fire element. They will add a bright colour to your kitchen. Yellow is considered for positivity which is another option you can go for. Colour signifying warmth is also good, these include peach. For tiles, you should go for any neutral colour. All these colours will surely add a good touch to your kitchen along with matching all the requirements.

The direction of kitchen according to Vastu

The lord of fire exists in the southeast direction of the house and that’s where your kitchen must be located too. There’s no need to worry even if you are unable to get it exactly to the kitchen direction Vastu as there is a back up available. You can make the kitchen in the north-west direction too. But do make sure that you don’t go for any other direction as it can lead to increasing conflicts in the family and a lot of negative vibes running through. Also, the stove must be placed in the south-east direction for best results.

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Vastu for Kitchen in North East

In case you have your kitchen in the north-east direction, it may affect your career adversely. To help you out with it there are a few remedies in vastu for kitchen in north east. To avoid negative effects, you must keep the north-east corner of the kitchen free of any clutter. You can change the position of your gas stove and place it in the south-east corner. If possible, you can make a washing area in the north-east corner.

Vastu remedies for kitchen in northwest

Northwest direction is the second preference for a kitchen. But it comes with a few pointers that you must take care of. If you have your kitchen in this direction, we have Vastu for northwest kitchen for you to help you out. It is important that the stove is placed in the south-east direction so the person lighting the stove faces the East while doing so. In any case, the person lighting the stove must not face the west direction as this attracts more guests to the home. It can cause you inconvenience if they come too often.


Which Colour is best for kitchen according to Vastu?

There are a few options that you can go for when it comes to the best colour for the kitchen as per Vastu. Although orange or red are the most preferred colours as they highlight fire but you can go for other colours too. Having a white kitchen will not only boost up the positive vibes but it also offers a sleek look to the kitchen. It is good as it offers a bright look and is associated with cleanliness. Green is another option you can go for, it represents harmony and is also related to nature so will surely do its work. But do make sure to go for a neutral colour for the tiles.

Vastu For Kitchen In Hindi

If you want to learn about vastu for kitchen in Hindi, you can easily consult an expert. They will surely help you out in knowing all that you want to and in the language of your choice. It is important that you understand whatever that is being said so that you can follow up on everything easily. An expert will also help you in knowing all that needs to be corrected. It is important to follow all the suggestions by Vastu properly to maintain a good health of all the members in the family.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques. 1 – Where should a stove be placed in a kitchen?

Ans. – Not only stove but all the other appliances that represent fire must be placed in the south-east direction of the kitchen. They must be placed in such a way that while lighting the stove, the person has to face the east direction.

Ques. 2 – Is North West good for the kitchen?

Ans. –The North West direction works fine for a kitchen. Do make sure that you follow up on the other tips which ensure positive vibes in the kitchen. Paint the walls the ideal colour and make sure that the person faces East while lighting the stove.

Ques. 3 – Can we keep Mandir in the kitchen?

Ans. –Undoubtedly, yes you can keep a Mandir in the kitchen. But do make sure that the Mandir is not placed in the opposite direction of the stove. You can place it on the sides of the stove.

Ques. 4 – Can the kitchen and bathroom have acommon wall?

Ans. –No, it is quite important that these both don’t share a common wall. The Vastu for both these combined can have a direct effect on the members of the house. It can cause health problems.