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Naresh Mittal Vastu Guru and Consultant was born in city Jind(Haryana). Soon after completing his graduation & Interior Designing, he entered the occult sciences of Vastu Shastra, Feng-Shui & Pyramidology and started creating awareness among society about these occult sciences. He has organised number of Vastu Courses on these topics apart from giving consultancy to more then 2000+ corporate clients on regular basis.

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Vastu For Lighting – Tips For Perfect Lighting For Your Home

Lighting is a crucial element that decides the aesthetics of your home. Lights have always been held in high regard in the Indian society. Light is considered to be a symbol of moving away from ignorance, towards knowledge. Apart from the symbolism, it is also important to choose the lighting that complements the size and style of your home. This way, it will look all the more pleasing. This is the place where you will come back to, after hours of strenuous work. You would want it to look the best, right?

However, blindly choosing the lighting for your home may result in unforeseen consequences. Thus, this article throws some light on Vastu for lightingVastu for home lighting not only specifies certain general rules for lighting up various areas of your home. It also guarantees peace and prosperity to the people residing in the home. Be it your business, or your children’s education, your family’s health etc…it is every family’s wish to have a smooth sail. Following the Vastu tips for lighting discussed below, will aid you in your journey to building a safe home for your family.

Does Vastu Tips For Lighting Help?

The tips concentrate on the directions from which natural light is preferred to enter to room/home. If a room is built in such a way that natural light can enter from the right directions, it feels so uplifting. For instance, the north-east corner in a home is considered the sattva corner. It is said to be the corner that holds positive energy. Therefore, placing large windows to let in natural light through this direction is preferred. In general, it is recommended to construct the home such that it gets the maximum amount of natural light. From a practical point of view, this would reduce your electricity bills. For the most part of the day, you do not have to depend on bulbs and tube lights if you plan and construct your home.

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Also, the south-east corner should not house the main source of your home’s lighting. It is considered inauspicious. Always, ensure that all parts of your home have light distributed evenly. Apart from these general tips, there are Vastu tips for lighting up each part of your home. Let us discuss those tips in the sections below.

Where Should We Keep Vastu Vilakku?

Sometimes, we construct homes without paying attention to the Vastu guidelines or buy such a home. In these cases, the problems can be fixed by a Vastu vilakku. What is a Vastu vilakku? Where should we place it? Vastu vilakku is a lamp that is designed to represent the Tantric concept. The design streamlines the PanchaBhoota forces to create a pleasant environment within the home. For maintaining a positive vibe, it is placed either in the puja room or in the north-east corner of the home.

Vastu For Home Lighting

Given below are a few general Vastu Shastra tips for home lighting. If you are facing troubles due to residing in a home with construction issues, consider following these Vastu tips to start seeing a positive change.

  • The path that leads to the main door should be brightly lit.
  • Install white lights in your puja room if it is in the north, east, or north-east direction.
  • Bright lights at the end of the staircase attract a positive vibe.
  • Spotlights are believed to attract good energy.

Vastu Tips For Lighting – Kitchen

Apart from the general tips, there are certain Vastu tips for each room/area of your home. As far as the kitchen is concerned, try to minimize the shadows. Fix the lighting such that light is distributed evenly within the kitchen. Light up the storage area and pantry well.

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Vastu Tips For Lighting – Living Room

The living room is the usually first place you enter your home. Keep the room brightly lit. Hang up pictures of the sunrise, family, etc… that evoke happy emotions. The best place to hang a family portrait is the South-west wall (if you have one). Placing a spotlight over the family picture is believed to bring good luck and keep the members healthy. Let the lights make you feel warm and welcomed. Do not place harsh lights or place lights in a way that produces glare. Decorate each artwork in your living room with separate lights.

Vastu For Lighting Lamps

Vastu Shastra recommends using natural light as much as possible. Along with sunlight, candles and earthen lamps can also be considered as symbols of prosperity. If you want to light candles in your home, do it in the south or south-west part of your home. This corner is believed to produce positive energy. Take care of artificial lights that are installed in your house. If they become dysfunctional, replace them as soon as possible. Since south is believed to be the direction of Yama – the lord of death, it is advised not to light a lamp in this direction.

Which Side Should The Deepam Face?

As mentioned in the earlier section, Vastu vilakku is believed to bring joy and prosperity inside the house. We have seen where to place the lamp. But is there a particular direction it should face? The deepam has to be placed in such a way that its front part faces the east direction.

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Panchatattva Vastu – One Stop Solution For Vastu Tips

Panchatattva is a Vastu consultancy in Delhi, run by an award-winning Vastu consultant. The company has provided Vastu services for over 30 corporate clients. They have been striving to spread awareness about Vastu Shastra and the benefits of implementing it. Panchatattva has conducted numerous free camps and workshops on Vastu and related topics such as Feng Shui and Pyramidology. With over 15 years of experience, Panchatattva Vastu is well versed in providing personalized lighting tips for your home. The client testimonials speak volumes about the quality of services provided by Panchatattva Vastu. Apart from helping clients, they also conduct programs to train people in Vastu Shastra.


1. How Can I Improve My House As Per Vastu?

While there are numerous tips to improve your existing home according to Vastu, here are a few general tips.

  • The main door of your home should be brightly lit
  • The bedroom must not have television, computer or plants
  • Keep the corners of your home bright
  • Keep your home airy and clean

2. How Important Is Lighting For A House According To Vastu?

Vastu Shastra will help you extract the utmost benefits from the lighting in your home. It is important because it helps in maintaining a positive vibe within the home. Lighting up your home according to Vastu will drive away unwanted elements that will have a negative impact on your life.

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