Vastu Consultant  For  Pooja Room

Prayer Rooms Designed With Vastu for Pooja Room

Prayer Rooms Designed With Vastu for Pooja Room

Universe is a magical place with mysteries that are yet to be unfolded my humanity. Every human activity on Earth is governed within a set of rules and regulations. Similarly, worshipping the higher power should also be conducted within some boundaries that one needs to follow. This is why vastu for pooja room have become an extremely popular process that many follow these days.

But in this busy, buzzing world of science and technology, most people tend to outlook the need for a pooja room while building or buying a house. This is wrong as one should never deny a place of worshipping god in their homes. But at the same time, building a pooja room is not easy. You cannot name any room in the house as pooja room and place the idols or pictures depicting god in that room.

One needs to follow certain rules, or vastu for pooja room as it is related to godly matters. The room should be carefully designed and build. That is the place you will be performing your meditation in and meditation requires positive vibes or energies in the surroundings.

One will need peace of mind while meditating. But if the energy in the room is in the wrong direction, then the meditation you do will see no success. It will be fruitless to do the prayers in such a room. This is why certain rules are followed so as to make sure the meditation done is fruitful and beneficial.

There are some general and common rules that come under vastu for pooja room. One, the room needs to always be located or situated in the north side, east side or northeast side of your home. And while praying or meditating inside this room, make sure you face north or east too.

Despite popular belief, idols are generally not to be kept in the pooja room. But if you are keeping them, make sure the legs of the idols are kept at chest level of the person standing or sitting in the room. One should always wash hands and feet before entering the pooja room as it is a holy sanctum.

Is the vastu for pooja room in flats any different from the vastu for houses?

The compacted small spaces of flats make it difficult to have pooja rooms for the purpose of worshipping and meditation. But fear not, as we have a solution. Firstly, you need to understand the directions in your house and find out the north-east direction.

This is the ideal location according to vastu for pooja room in flats as it is considered to be the place where cosmic energy from god is concentrated in. it is not necessary to have a separate room for pooja as it might be impractical in the small flats that are available nowadays.

A neat, clean and calm space is more than enough for worship and meditation. Try to hang some symbols of pictures of god according to your faith in the living room as it is considered auspicious. Placing and growing a Tulsi plant in your house is supposed to bring positive energy to your surroundings.

Offer prayers to the pot every morning with water as it is said to be good for the landlord. Place a terracotta pot that is filled with water, holy basil leaves and flower pots. Make sure to change the water, leaves and flowers regularly.

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Can pooja room be in front of main door?


If the house you live in where you want to situate a pooja room in is west facing or south facing, then it is considered okay to have your pooja room in front of the main door. This will make the prayer room to face north or east direction, as is advised in the vastu shashtra.

But if your face is not west facing or south facing, then it is best not to keep your pooja room in front of the main entrance of the house. The pooja room in such cases should be ideally kept facing north, east or north east directions.


Where should one place the pooja room according to vastu for pooja room in east facing house?

Pooja rooms are definitely one of the most important aspects of every Indian household. Whether you are constructing a house, buying one or even renting a place to live, you should look out for a space in the house that can be the pooja room so as to have positive energies in the house. There are a few guidelines one needs to follow to do this.

East facing houses are one of the most preferred houses. The pooja room should always be facing the north or east side or direction in the house. In all honesty, the auspiciousness of the house does not depend on the direction. It depends on the placement of the rooms in the house.

According to vastu for pooja room in east facing house, the pooja room should not be made adjacent to a bathroom wall nor should it be located in a bedroom. While cleaning your feet before entering the pooja room, your right hand should pour the water and your left hand must clean them.

Do not rub your feet against each other in order to clean them as this practice is prohibited. And also, make sure the vessels used in the pooja room to contain water are made of copper as only copper vessels are supposed to be used.

What should be followed as vastu for pooja room in tamilpooja room vastu for north east facing house?

Vastu is a Sanskrit word that is a combination of 2 words- vaas and Tu. Vaas means live and Tu means you. Therefore, vastu is the place where you live or dwell in.

Vastu is basically used to attract positive energies into the house. The north, east and north-east sides are most recommended for working as they are positive zones and should therefore be used for locating pooja room in your house. North east facing houses are one of the most preferred houses due to this positive zone theory which says that the cosmic energy of the almighty god is present in these three directions.

Now for vastu for pooja room in tamilpooja room vastu for north east facing house, one needs to understand importance of the northeast corner. Triangular pattern of any god should not be drawn inside the pooja room as this is considered to be inauspicious. Try to paint the walls of the pooja room in light colors such as white, lemon or light blue as these give a very calm, gentle vibe.

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Only white marble should be used in the pooja room. The room should be constructed in such a way that the doors and windows in the room are facing north or east.

What are the main points to be kept in mind while deciding upon the vastu pooja room direction?

First of all, one needs to understand that the pooja room in the house is not just a place for worship. Sure, it is a sacred room in the house but it also attracts positive aura if constructed correctly. This is why vastu for pooja room is widely followed these days.

The location of your pooja room can influence the energy and aura in the room. It is extremely important and defines the aura of the place. If you are constructing a house, then you can decide the proper place for pooja room and have it build according to vastu shashtra.

For people who are already living in a house that cannot be reconstructed, find the place most ideal to be made a pooja room in that house. Try to make your pooja room be at ground level of the house. So avoid the basement or higher levels of your house.

The vastu shashtra has specified some locations to be ideal as vastu pooja room direction. These are north, east and north east directions of the house you live in. locating pooja rooms in these places will make sure that most positive energy is concentrated in that place, making your pooja room ideal for meditation and worship.

Where should we keep pooja room at home?

The pooja room or prayer room of a house is the most sacred and auspicious place in that house. As in every aspect of life, one needs to follow certain guidelines and rules in building and maintaining the pooja room. This is why vastu shashtra is followed by people, especially when it comes to prayer rooms in the house they dwell in. One must protect the pooja room from all sorts of negative energies as it is a place of worship and you keep idols of god, holy books etc. in that room.

One needs to have two shutter doors that are made from wood of really high quality that is to be used for the prayer room. But at the same time, the door should not have any door closer. All the windows and doors of the pooja room should be in the north or east or north east walls of the house according to vastu for pooja room.

The entrance of the pooja room that is at the main door, there should be a threshold. Idols of gods of the faith that you follow should never be kept directly facing the main door of the prayer room according to vastu for pooja room door.

Where to find the best vastu Consultant?

At the Panchtattva Vastu organization, the company aims to answer all the questions people have about vastu and how it should be implemented in their lives and homes. The main objective of this organization is to help people to understand vastu for pooja room in their homes.

They have complete understanding of vastu shashtra and will be able to provide the people with valuable vastu tips that can help them follow vastu in their houses without doing any demolition, structure change or redesigning of the home. In this time when people tend to forget our past, it has become even more important to hold on to vastu shashtra for bringing positive energies into our houses.

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Vastu can seem to be confusing for someone who has not had much experience with it before. But once you start using vastu in your life, you will see how beneficial it is to follow the guidelines given by our ancestors.

Whenever you are building or redesigning a house, make sure you look at vastu for the placement of every room. Or if you have already bought a house or is living for rent, at least follow vastu while locating a pooja room for your house. Hopefully, this article answered your question of where should we keep pooja at home?


Which side God should face in pooja room?

God should face north, east or northeast direction in the pooja room. This is because these locations are said to attract the most positive energies from the surroundings. These are the places where cosmic energy from god is most concentrated in.

How many steps should be there in pooja room?

Ideally, is said that it the pooja room should not be built in the basement or higher floors of the house. It should be in the ground floor and should have a threshold at the entrance.

In which direction God should face?

Idols or pictures of god should be kept facing the north, east or northeast direction as these are considered as auspicious points according to vastu shashtra. They should be placed at least one inch away from the walls.

Which side mandir should face?

The mandir too should generally face the north, east or north east direction. Make sure the prayer room is not kept in front of the main door unless your house is west facing or south facing.

Can we keep pooja room facing west?

Ideally, the pooja room is supposed to face any of the three directions- north, east or north east. Just make sure the room is never facing the south direction. Remember that god sits above to protect us. As long as we pray and worship with a pure heart and good intentions, the direction does not matter much.

Can we keep Mandir in living room?

In case you do not have the space for separate pooja room, one can make a small altar or space for worship in the living room. But in that case, no one should sleep in the living room.

Can we face south while doing pooja?

Facing south while doing pooja is considered inauspicious according to vastu shashtra.

Which Color bulb is best for Mandir?

Golden lights might blend well as the color of Indian lamps and deepas are usually gold in color. But mostly, it is advised to keep only oil lamps in the prayer room. The light from these lamps are considered sufficient as god illuminates himself.

Can we keep pooja room in living room?

This can be done in some cases where one might not have enough space for a separate prayer room. Make sure the small space is neat and clean and is in the north east direction. Do not sleep in the living room if the prayer room is situated there.