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Things you need to know about Vastu for shops

Things you need to know about Vastu for shops

It is often said that the location you opt to start the business brings an overall optimistic or negative effect. In short, land or Vastu plays a critical role in determining perfect economic growth, success, and peace. No one loves to encounter loss or anything troublesome at the start of their business career. Accordingly, the main concern here is to take matters related to Vastu with full concentration, in analyzing its relative effects.

If you are starting a shop anytime soon, you should pay attention to the construction and overall alignment of the land opted for. A sloping surface or an uneven one can result in a lack of success, which may harm your overall shop profits. Therefore, when setting up a shop, its design and all its quintessential features depend on the Vastu. Vastu is crucial in determining the settlement of other elements within the shop, like the cash box, materials, goods, etc. The typical role played by Vastu for shops can be pretty challenging.

The vast you opt for can be in any direction. There are some favorable factors that keep up to the auspiciousness of shop construction. Therefore, in relation to the directions, according to laws of Vastu Shastra, the four directions comprise of the following features:

  • A shop opened in the direction facing east, can bring huge profits.
  • A shop opened in the direction facing west, can bring both profits, as well as losses. The period is characterized by ups and downs, at relative intervals.
  • A shop opened in the direction facing north, shows huge growth of money, assurance of wealth, and prosperity.
  • A shop opened in the direction facing south, shows an excessive loss, hindrances, difficulty in coping up with clients and customers, and occasional weakness. The south direction is not at all acceptable for setting up shops!

Since now you are aware of the importance of Vastu in the life of businessmen and shop owners, commercial success if half depended on the momentum of the direction itself. Therefore, neglecting this feature will often cause more harm and good. On that note, let’s carefully analyze the role played by different Vastu directions on shops!

A quick note on basic Vastu for the shop: Can main door face south-east direction?

Business-related matters should always start on good hands. You do not want to end up in trouble or face indirect consequences, just because you do not consider the Vastu before. Proper choice of Vastu is known to protect your shop in various ways, with profits and high incomes, coming your way throughout. Anything against the land will cause more harm, without even analyzing its proper cause. Therefore, Vastu for the shop is quite critical in determining favorable moments of luck and profits!

When a shop construction starts, the main door is the actual support pillar. If the shop is facing south, then the door also opens to the south. However, it is often said that north and east are perfect, in terms of having the door open in that direction. Although Vastu Shastra doesn’t differentiate between main doors of shops, south-east is also not going to be a problematic situation. However, it is good to construct the main entrance of the shop in the direction of the north-east. Individuals, who have shops in the south-east, need not worry either! Try to place a God’s portrait in the east direction, to ward off any kind of ill luck!

Saral Vastu for the shop: What you really need to know?

Vastu of shops and businesses can make you highly prosperous, and turn your business into a profitable market. In determining the nature of Vastu, this ancient architectural practice seeks to extemporize on all facets of land and keep existence peaceful. Therefore, if your shop is facing constant losses and you feel money is slipping out of your hands, then a consultation regarding Saral Vastu for the shop is indispensable.

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In order to enhance the present scope of your business and stores, determining the true face of Vastu is vital. That is why, Vastu experts can help you with proper solutions, in analyzing the true merits that your present Vastu consists of. If something needs to be changed, it should be done immediately. It is all for the future of your own business that Vastu is the typical crossroad, whose effect can change the entire face value of your profitable structure.

Is it good to have a south-facing shop Vastu?

When analyzing the standards of Vastu, and its effects on the overall structure of the business, it is essential to understand how everything works. It is often the most favorable direction for setting up a shop, in addition to North-east. In addition to that, the south is also a good idea, as it is known to be the abode of Goddess Lakshmi. On that note, south-facing shop Vastu is good enough, as it brings sharp vibes, but is known to disturb the positivity around you. Also, the north-east direction isn’t bad at all too.

It is best to go for south-east or east for better results, in order to have huge prosperity. You can change the current direction of your shop, by making some changes with the placing of Goddess Lakshmi in the South direction. Also, if you want more wealth to come to you, keep the window on the south side open! Avoid anything that is smelling or dirty in the south direction, or Lakshmi is said to vanish away. For-profits, ponder over the direction before you set up your shop!

Pondering over ideal Vastu color for storeroom:

The idea of having a basic storeroom, in the area of business is essential. Storerooms show the features of adjustability, credit and more space. On that note, there is also a separate color known to be ideal for a storeroom. When the right time arises, individuals tend to store all sorts of extra goods and materials in the storeroom. Therefore, this space also stands for credibility and stability. Some valid details of the storeroom, its direction, and its color are as follows:

  • It is ideal to consider the direction of the storeroom in the North-east or even North-west direction. This is because; this direction is known to store things and is highly recommendable for all sorts of accumulation. In addition to that, the south-west corner can also be a good concern.
  • While these directions are considered to be too auspicious, the North and east are not at all fruitful. It is good to have the storeroom door in the south-west direction, in order to keep the positivity flowing in.

Once the direction is adjusted, the Vastu color for the store room is an important element to consider. It all starts by defining the color of walls, which should stand strong and sturdy. In addition to that, the height should not be the same as that of the whole shop. A lighter shade of yellow, orange, green, etc, is very much the color that Vastu Shastra recommends for a storeroom.

Even a little darker shade of brown or green is preferable and doesn’t harm your shop in any way. The only colors that you should totally discard when taking your Vastu storeroom into consideration, are purple, grey, black, blue, etc. These colors might completely look attractive, but doesn’t cause any good to your business. In fact, all the above light colors can bring in the sunlight, which ensures a spacious room, free from germs.

For further success on your business, always light a candle or a small ghee lamp in the storeroom. This further calls for additional success, and helps to attract the attention of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber!

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Is it okay to have Vastu for shop facing west?

The west direction is known to hamper, all present positive energies around you. In fact, when you try to concentrate on the holistic development of your shop or business, the direction west, acts as a simple hindrance, and delays every other task you try to undertake. On that note, the west is not at all a favorable direction and can cause huge losses in the business sector. In addition to the above, Vastu for shop facing west is characterized by low energy and more feelings of anger, which disturbs the results of your shop.

Therefore, according to the ancient art of Vastu Shastra, the West is not at all favorable for setting up a shop. In addition to that, North-east and even east is recommended, which attracts positive vibes and helps your business to rise.  If your shop door is towards the south, then place an idol of Goddess Lakshmi, to please her.

What are the qualities of Vastu for shop facing north? Which direction is good for business?

The location and direction of the office building essentially contribute to its overall success. If you are critical about Vastu and its incredible features, it somewhat has a positive or negative effect on you. On that note, if you are planning to set up your business, try to have a common sense of direction in mind. Generally, the west is not preferred at all for setting up your own business. Recommended directions always include north, north-west, as well as north-east. Even if the business building is in the south direction, there is nothing to worry about.

Vastu for shop facing north helps to deliver adequate results on the business front and gives you immense profits. It drives away, all that is negative around you and makes your business rise and earn profits.

The reference to Vastu for shop facing east!

While the north direction is good for setting up your business, the east direction is also known to have tremendous benefits. If your shop faces the east direction, it is known to attract good luck and high positive energy. Always keep in mind that the east is the direction, where the sun rises. Thus, the energy from the sun is delivered to all things around and brings along hopes and happiness.

Vastu for shop facing east is characterized by less negative vibes and a profitable spirit. Therefore, if the shop direction is facing east, you can stay rest assured that the shop is going to have success and this is going to benefit you in a bigger manner. Even the North-east direction is preferable and will have the same effect as east.

The conclusion:

When understanding the effects of Vastu and its proper merits, it is good to go for professional consultations, before you take up any serious steps. Panchtattva is an emerging platform that focuses on planning the entire environment, around which you can set your shop. Also, in the case of Vastu doshas, all negativities shall be omitted easily. With regular Vastu tips provided for you, the health, prosperity and income level consistently increases with time.

In order to know more about Vastu for shops and its uses, consider planning your shop construction with the experts. Enquire about all facts about Vastu land, without causing any demolition of your current property! Make planning easier, by adopting some simple and positive Vastu guidelines!


Where should I keep my cash box in the store?

When realizing the importance of Vastu in the overall positive effect on your business, it is also critical to keep a note of its basic elements too. The foremost reputation of a good shop, its overall merits, and prosperity, is evaluated on the basis of the placement of the cash box. Keeping the cash counter in the store should be in a favorable position. The best position to keep the cash box is north. This direction is in tune with Lord Kuber, who is known to be the God of wealth and fortune!

  • The second best direction is south, where the door should open towards the south, and the individual should be standing in the North direction. This is said because Goddess Lakshmi, known for its wealth, travels from the South direction, and stays in North!
  • The third best direction would be east or even North-east! Try to keep the main door away from the cash box. Even the bathroom, or any kind of store-room inside the shop, should be kept away from the cash box.
  • Try to avoid the west direction for keeping your cash box, as more cash will flow out, rather than coming in!
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Is the west facing shop good for business?

The direction is associated with negativity. That’s why, it is often said that positive energy or good vibes, flow from the direction of east to west. In addition to that, the west is associated with features like loss of wealth, tough to cope up with current business and lack of profits. Therefore, the west facing shop is not at all good for starting a business. It is advised that the shop door should be towards the east, and the owner should sit in a south-east direction, to overcome all negative effects.

Is the south-facing plot good for business?

It is also in accordance with the nature of the business that you conduct that the Vastu plot is determined by its own features. If the Vastu is facing east, then you will definitely gain fame and wealth. If it is in the North direction, your business will bring immense prosperity. On the other hand, if you have started a construction shop, or simply an industrial business, then the south direction is auspicious and tends to bring happiness and profits. On a general note, south-facing can be opted, keeping in mind to check other factors of the Vastu too.

Is west-facing good for office?

When going by the laws of Vastu Shastra, the south direction is not favorable, and so does the west. Both these directions are associated with negativity, misfortune and no profits. Also, the south is known to provoke negative energy and make concerned individuals weak. As a result, you may also have health issues as well.

Therefore, in order to cope up with the best results, positivity, and prosperity, North, north-east or even south-east, are fruitful directions. This brings more happiness and helps your business to grow. Also, make sure that the central portion of any office is emptied, in order to avoid mixing of energies!

Can we keep God facing west?

It is natural to keep the deity in the west direction or even in the North so that you can face the east direction. Before placing your deity, check the directions properly. Also, the east is known to bring good luck and prosperity. Therefore, if the Gods are facing the east direction, they act as your protectors and keep you safe!

Which direction should Lakshmi face?

Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and fortune, should be placed in the South direction. This is because; Lakshmi travels from the North and finally rests in the South direction. Be careful not to place the idol of Lakshmi in the North-east or south-east, as these corners will lead to loss of wealth!