Benefits of VastuTeq Software

Today, technology has made inroads into every aspect of our lives. There are various applications or software to automate our routine processes. Almost every profession from medicine to architecture, banks to business make use of some kind of software. You may be surprised to know that the Vastu industry has jumped on the bandwagon too!

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that helps us in constructing spaces that welcome positive energies. From commercial to residential, all builders would aim to have spaces that provide peace and prosperity to the residents. Thus, Vastu Shastra is quite popular among builders, contractors, architects, interior designers and other professionals in related fields.

Considering how busy Vastu consultants are with their clients, it would be hard for them to outline the issues of each client manually. Detecting the problem consists of inspecting the building thoroughly and mapping it for future reference. VastuTeq is a software that will aid numerous Vastu experts across the country. By installing this time and energy saver, every consultant can work more efficiently than he/she manually would. Let us look at some salient features of VastuTeq – Software for Vastu consultants

  • Automatic marking of Brahm-nabhi

In Vastu Shastra, Brahmasthan on Brahm-nabhi is the term used to refer to the centre of the house/building. The energy at the centre of the house has to be maintained perfectly for the inhabitants to lead a peaceful life. Finding and marking the centre of the house can be a time-consuming process depending on the size of the site. Manually marking the Brahmasthan involves dividing the plot into multiple squares and finding the squares at the centre. With an accurate map of the plot, VastuTeq can automatically pinpoint to the centre location. This is a useful feature as many experts recommend fixing the energies in the centre of the house for a happy life.

  • Separate modules for the common types of Vastu

The kind of examining and remedy suggestion will differ for different types of buildings. That’s why we have commercial Vastu, residential Vastu, industrial Vastu and so on… In VastuTeq, we have included some built-in modules for common types of Vastu. For instance, let’s say you are dealing with a client who wants a solution for their residential home. You can directly go to the residential Vastu module. Modules provide tools and technologies that the particular kind of Vastu requires. There is a drastic decrease in manual work carried out by the consultant.

  • Powerful reporting features

Report generation is an important aspect of any kind of software. Reports help in a clear understanding of the issue and how the suggested remedies may work. Reports can be textual, pictographic or visual. Visual reports are an essential feature because they help the layman in understanding data. With the excellent reporting features we provide, consultants will no more have to spend hours trying to make their clients understand the various aspects of Vastu concerning their building.

  • E-mail facility to send a text along with attachments

Every software is judged by its ability to seamlessly integrate with third-party apps and provide the best features. In the case of VastuTeq, we have provided the facility to exchange e-mails. Mails can contain both text and attachments. A good part of problem-solving in Vastu consists of dealing with images of various corners/rooms of the client’s building. With a built-in email feature, a Vastu consultant can not only study and identify a building’s problems but can directly communicate with the client without exiting the application. Sometimes, if a personal inspection of the space is not possible, the client can share attachments through VastuTeq. This will enable the consultant to immediately start examining the attachments rather than waste time shifting between multiple applications.

  • Colour suggestions for interiors in different zones

The colouring of the inner walls of a building forms a huge part of Vastu Shastra. Since VastuTeq is designed for both amateur and professional consultants, we have included the feature of colour suggestions for various interior spaces. Thus, even amateur users can use this beginner-friendly feature to check out colour suggestions for different interiors. If you know what purpose an interior space is being used for, you will get a bunch of recommended colours for the walls of that space.

  • Marking the 45-Devtas on building maps

A home/building has to be designed according to the Vastu Purusha Mandala. It is only then that the inhabitants can be healthy, happy and financially sound. It is believed that in the mandala, 45 different Devtas symbolize various energy fields. Manually inspecting a building and them coming up with the Vastu mandala to identify all the 45 energy fields will take a long time. VastuTeq makes this job easier for Vastu consultants. We provide automatic marking of all the energy fields through the software.

  • Online display of Vastu Dosh

Once you upload attachments of the affected space, VastuTeq is capable of identifying the wrong placements in your home/building. Thus, each dosh that is a result of wrong placement can be detected within minutes of seeing the particular interior space.

  • Vastu remedies for incorrect placements

Not only does VastuTeq identify Dosh due to wrong placements, but the software also suggests remedies. Yet another cool feature is, you do not have to physically correct the placements right away. You have the option of virtually picking and placing various objects online. Thus, you can try a few viable combinations of placements virtually before going ahead with the actual rearrangement process.

  • Draw Vastu Grid – EKASHEETI PAD positions

For the sake of analysis, each consultant will take a scaled out layout of a site/building and juxtapose it on a Vastu Grid. Different Vastu experts prefer different kinds of grids – 3X3, 8X8, 9X9 and so on… Some consultants work on radial grids as well. A grid has to be constructed accurately in the Ekasheeti Pada position for proper analysis and problem-solving. Again, VastuTeq comes to your rescue! The software automatically draws the Vastu Grid for a given plot/layout.

  • Indications about Marmsthaan

The sensitive points of a building are referred to as Marmsthaan. These are the points where the latitudes and longitudes of the Vastu Mandal intersect. These sensitive points are crucial to the prosperity of the house. These points should be dealt with care. They can make or break the peace of a household. VastuTeq provides indications about the intersection points. The client can thus avoid constructions that will block these crucial points.

  • Draw 8/16/24/32 grid divisions

Vastu experts are aware of the 32 different types of mandalas that can be drawn to represent the Vastu Purush Mandal. From the initial examination of the plot to the final solution, all steps can be carried out only after an accurate grid division has been drawn for the affected plot of land/layout. With VastuTeq, consultants no more need to manually draw the grid. Users may try out various grid divisions online, through the software. VastuTeq can also generate bar charts for the 8/16/32 grids. Thus, the consultant is now equipped with the best possible visual tools to solve a client’s issue.

After trying out VastuTeq, consultants will be happy about loads of saved time. They can even start handling more number of clients, thanks to VastuTeq and its features.